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    Actionscript for download time


      I would apreciate some help in creating action script version 2.0 for an information site, that would hold hundreds of sfw files with expanding topics each using a diferent graphic picture.
      I would like to give visitor a check box choice before entering my site that would disable downloading the background pictures for external sfw files, so that users with slower connection, wouldn't have to wait a lot. At the same time, user with good i-net connection would get valuable information and at the same time enjoy wonderful collection of pictures, that would enchance remembering of presented information.

      As far as I see it, i should use an IF statement checking weather checkbox is clicked, and if picture mode is on, external sfw file checks that by evaluating _global variable, but if not, external sfw file use no background but main swf loads an 70% transperent white rectangle symbol, over main sfw background, so there still would be good visual aperance.
      I can't get 2 things at the moment
      1 actionscript for Loading of rectangle if box is unchecked
      2 actionscript for placing background in external sfw is checked.

      Could u please help me?

      Thank you,