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    flash obsolete?


      Will flash become obsolete because of the iPhone and the iPad?

      I love flash designed websites and love writing as3 code as well. Contrary to what most people say,I  don't find that it is only useful for music bands and restaurants. I am an artist and wouldn't imagine my website any way other then flash animated.

      And, when people mention that Flash consumes too much cpu and over heats pcs are they referring to the streaming of flash (flv) video or just to regular flash animated websites?

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          for some users it's a problem with websites that contain flash, even just banners.


          as3 especially, is problematic in the wrong hands.  and there are a lot of wrong hands out there.

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            Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            There are a number of anti-Flash web design folks out there citing things they feel are amiss with Flash--claiming its demise is not far off.  I do not think that i-anything will have an impact on the Flash world, but I do get a feeling that their resistance to adapt to supporting it will not work in their i-favor.

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              Harry Kunz Level 4

              I doubt flash will become obsolete anytime in this century. But people working on the web standards are trying to get rid of it. Flash was created to plug in the missing functionality that web's scripting languages are missing and they are trying to fix this by adding more functionality such as the new scripting language called HTML5. The people blame flash for being a memory and cpu resource hog on the web but that is because it landed in the wrong hands. There are a lot of amateurs out there who do not know how to code efficiently. I do agree though that flash scripting language is not efficiently implemented but the sites you see as memory/cpu hogs are usually poorly implemented and flash gets the blame. tsk3x... they are referring to the regular flash animated websites.

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                I think it may well become obsolete in the next few years - but Steve Jobs declaring it a "dying" technology is everything to do with his business model and nothing to do with reality... if it is dying at all its because he is stabbing it!  I would love to see lots of people express their disappointment that the iPad doesn't support Flash (its easier to forgive in the iPhone somehow: its amazing that the internet works at all on that thing!) I've started an online petition that you might want to sign http://flash4ipad.com/flash-for-ipad-petition