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      I'm trying to use getListOfAvailableFLVs in my Flex application to generate flvs list from oflaDemo in Red5. I was trying to use following code but it doesn't work:


      public var videoList:ArrayCollection;

      public function catchVideos():void{
                // call server-side method
                // create a responder and set it to getMediaList
                var nc_responder:Responder = new Responder(getMediaList, null);
                // call the server side method to get list of FLV's
                nc.call("demoService.getListOfAvailableFLVs", nc_responder);

      public function getMediaList(list:Object):void{
                // this is the result of the server side getListOfAvailableFLVs
                var mediaList:Array = new Array();
                for(var items:String in list){
                     mediaList.push({label:items, size:list[items].size, dateModified:list[items].lastModified});
                // videoList is bindable and the datagrid is set to use this for it's dataprovider
                // wrap it in an ArrayCollection first
                videoList = new ArrayCollection(mediaList);


      this code is from Red5 documentation. I do not know why it doesn't work.Any idea?


      thank you,