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    Exception Handling & Error Recovery


      Does the Pre8 Development Team plan to release a version that can recover from exceptions & retry problematic clips on long movie builds?


      Many hours spent multiple times to find an unrecoverable error has terminated a movie build is getting to me - not to mention unexpected crashes.

      It would seem the process could be setting recovery points to go back to in the event of an exception so happily conformed and rendered parts do not have to be continually rebuilt. The exception handling could be hierarchical, with local level retries a number of times, then if that fails, going back to a well defined restart point. Even media reloads could be accommodated, happily conformed clips could be cached, and even spare copies put aside.


      The number of unspecified errors indicates that not a great deal of care has gone into the exception hadling scheme to date.

      More meaningful messages might help users - for example, say a particular clip took many gos to fully conform, it is likely quite flakey and then the advice might be that it should be reloaded or even remade...


      The dumps after crashes clearly do not yet include the stack of recent actions that are used to undo things - maybe they should.

      The name of a media clip in hand, what the latest action is aiming to do with it (say add a particular effect), should all be reported in plain text and also sent in the dump. A message could be canned, just in case, at the commencement of each and every action at the point when the logic can construe what that action is to be exactly.


      I am also not confifent that interrupts and premptions are carefully managed... too often asyncronous events and system requests coincide with a crash. Think McAfee, Norton, etc.


      Just some suggestions, but the product is almost unusable as it stands other than for raising the blood pressure of countless hapless users.