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    System Setup for HD and SD editing

    R. Arroyo

      Hi there !

      Please help me here :D

      I have 2 Videocameras :

      One for HD / SD: Sony HDV FX-1000
      Other for SD: Sony VX-2000

      PC Hardware :

      Processor: Intel Core i7 920 ( im about to OC it if that help )

      Memory: Corsair Dominator XMP-1600:  2g x 3 = 6 gig mem at the  moment

      Mainboard: Gigabyte Ex58-UD3R 

      Monitors: 1: LG 23 inch HD (1920x1080 res )
      2: Viewsonic 22 inch ( 1680 x 1050 res )

      Video: Nvidia Geforce GTX 260 

      Audio : Sound Blaster X-FI Platinum Edition

      OS: Windows 7 64bits Ultimate Edition

      Hard Drives: 5 Hard Drives : 

      1. 250 gig : OS and  Programs and Project Files from Ae and Pr
      2. 750 gig : Still  images , photos, music and logos that i need
      3. 500 gig : Storage  for movies, tutorials, etc.. unrelated to editing stuff
      4. 500 gig : Scratch  disk, media cache and capture video 
      5. 1000 gig : Old  Footage, that sometimes i include on my videos ( its like old capture  videos ) 

      Tablet Wacom Bamboo : ( i do some zbrush for kicks )


      Adobe Production CS4


      Now for my questions : Im doing some editing at the moment mostly SD footage (  but i really want to start a personal project in HD ) but i dont know  if my current disk/pc configuration its fine.. can you guys help me with  where to put the projects files, scratch disk, media cache, capture  footage and old footage ( dont want to store it on the dv tapes, lots of  humidity around here ). And recommend me some stuff extra to improve my  PC Editing System, please help me ! 

      PS: What should i improve to edit in HDV with premiere CS4 ?

      Thanks in advance !

      Rolando A.