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    Linking to Webhelp files from SAP application



      Since migrating to RoboHelp 8 (from RoboHelp 5 ) my url links to the webhelp pages no longer work.  Here is an example of the url that no longer works -


      file:///S:/NSW/CRS/SYSTEMS/RoboHelp/Webhelp_8/Welcome.htm#S:/NSW/CRS/Systems/Robohelp/webh elp_8//General_Ledger/Processing_GL_Documents/Posting_a_G_L_Document.htm


      The webhelp page opens up to


      file:///S:/NSW/CRS/SYSTEMS/RoboHelp/Webhelp_8/Welcome.htm and ignores everything past that point.


      With RoboHelp 5 the full url worked okay.