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    May be of help.

    Paul Mc Bride Level 1


      Long time no posts but keep an eye on things.

      Thought this might be helpful to someone out there.


      I just upgraded to CS4 and Win 7 and found that I couldn't capture or have any device control with either of my cameras ( Panasonic or Sony ).

      Also found that I couldn't output any video to a TV monitor via my trusty Canopus ADVC 110.


      Bearing in mind that this was also installed on an upgraded PC with a new NEC OHCI compliant firewire card, the suspicion was either CS 4 or Win 7.


      Having checked NEC drivers and Win 7, everything still indicated that I had the latest drivers.


      After numerous searches on the web without any joy, I eventually came upon a post from someone( grateful thanks ) who solved the problem.

      In Win 7 device manager with the IEEE 1394 OHCI compliant card selected, select update driver and browse the options on your PC.

      Select 'Legacy Driver '  and ok. Restart PC and lo and behold cameras and Canopus ADVC unit all working perfectly including device control.


      Hope this might save someone else a load of time and grief.