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    swap compositions

    garek007 Level 1



      Maybe there's a way to do this that's really easy, but I'm fairly new to AE so for me I can't seem to figure it out.


      Is there a way to 'swap' compositions? For instance, let's say I have a composition called features inside of a composition called main. I want to duplicate main which would create a new composition called main 2. I then want to go into main 2 and swap out features with a different composition (maybe features 2 or something like that).


      That's one way to accomplish what I want to do. The other way would be to duplicate the composition called main and create a new composition called main 2. Then if all of the contents of main 2 could automatically be duplicated to create new compositions, that would also work.


      I hope I am making sense...



      Basically I have set up my composition main to for a single product (I'm in medical devices) and it has exactly the animation and timing that I want to use for ALL products. So I just need to duplicate the comps and swap, etc, etc so that I don't have to rekey the animation.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It sounds like you want to create a template that can be used for many products. Depending on the design of your project you could simply put all of the shared components in a single comp, then drag that into a new composition with your product footage. If you want to apply a set of animations designed in the master to layers (products) in another composition you should look into animation presets. I use both strategies all the time.


          If you could screen capture the flow chart for your project I might be able to give you some better ideas. Just note (or name) the layers that you'll want to replace.

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            Chas Naylor Level 1

            In the meantime, while drawing out flowcharts and such, with a layer (comp) on your timeline selected, drag the comp you want to replace it with from the project palette onto the timeline while holding down the ALT key.  It will replace that comp with the new one, and all effects and animations will remain intact.

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              garek007 Level 1

              Chas that's exactly what I was looking for! Of course, if there is a better way still like duplicate a comp and have all

              comps inside duplicate as well that would be awesome.

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                garek007 Level 1

                I've attached an image of my flowchart (didn't know AE had a flowchart until now). Hopefully it will help explain what I want to do.


                The animation I am trying to preserve is a super simple opacity transition between two comps. I just don't want to have to do it every time, and I wan the lengths of all of my nested comps to always be the same if possible.