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    Installation Files from OLS are corrupt. Any other download options?


      Hello, I've had both Premiere and Photoshop Elements since 2008. A few nights ago my XP box died and so I am slowly reinstalling my apps. I went to the OLS and downloaded the install files, but the Premiere install blows up with a corrupt cab file error. I tried Tech Support today for around 20 minutes and no one answered. I tried the Chat option and they referred me to the Tech number.  Is there a way to get the files somewhere else in order to install the app? It runs for ten minutes before giving the corrupt file message. Thanks for any help.


      If this forum is moderated by Adobe people, I can furnish serial numbers and AD numbers to verify, thank you. Incidentally, the install process for the photoshop app installed fine, although it was much smaller. (451 MB). The Premiere 7z file is 3 GB in size.

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          What versions of PSE and PrE are you talking about. I believe that the PrE 7 is still available as a two file download. This will be the trail version, but you should just need to input your S/N and convert to the full-paid version. I do not know about PSE.


          Now, if you have earlier versions than PrE 7, there might well be a problem.


          Also, this is a user-to-user forum. Adobe just offers us space. There is little, to no, Adobe presence here. With the exception of two "survey" posts on PrE 8, no one from Adobe monitors this forum. The tireless MOD here, Steve Grisetti is not an Adobe employee, though I think that he does get to dine in the Official Adobe Cafeteria, when he travels to San Jose.


          Please do not post any S/N's, case #'s, or any other personal data here. This is an open forum, and almost anyone can read it, plus there are 'bots that crawl it daily, just looking for personal data.


          Good luck, and please let us know about the version numbers.