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    php data service with something other than localhost for mysql



      I'm trying to use an external host as an mysql source.


      I've used the 'generate from template' option and filled it out with the correct data.

      The php code is on my localhost on my mac.

      I've made a testfile in php to test my service and it seems to work and get the data from the database.


      But flashbuilder doesn't see an operation and when I try to refresh it says:


      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: protocol = http host = null


      I get the same error if I try to 'generate from database' and I click the 'connect database' button.


      in the hostname field, I've tried the url to the server and also the IP (in case of a DNS problem), but either of them generate the same error.


      I hope some one can help me, so I can really start trying out the new data services.



      Johan Velthuis