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    How To Embed Video with Flash Template?


      hello everyone!


      Im a complete and utter newbie when it comes to the world of web designing, and so for that reason i downloaded a Flash Template website and uploaded it into Dreamweaver where i edited the text, photographs etc. The one thing that i cant manage to do (and thats the most important to my site!) is embedding video. I need to embed a video (either from vimeo or something or my hard drive maybe) to give examples of my video work but i cant seem to be able to do this, i have tried copy and pasting the 'embed' code from the vimeo website but this does not appear to work. As i say i am a complete and utter novice so any help at all would be greatly appreciated!


      heres my half finished website: http://beyondtheveil.webuda.com/

      thanks for your time