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    How do I fix PARKED cpu's in Windows 7 with i7920 processor?

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      First, let me say if it weren't for you guys in this forum I would have quit Premiere Elements 7 a long time ago. Keep up the good work. I don't know how you find the time to keep up with everything. I don't usually write to forums as I don't know what I'm doing. I try to wade through all the posts to find some kind of answers.


      I was using a 1.73ghz core 2 duo Vista 32bit laptop to do movies. I take a lot of home video that nobody is going to watch. I didn't want to burn it up so I got a desktop   i7920 2.66 w 12 gb memory (overkill) 2 1TB  raid 1 drives Nvidia EN8400GS graphics Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit. (Iwould have preferred 64 bit Vista as Windows 7 has a lot of glitches but 7 came with computer). I looked around the forums for anything on unbalanced cpu usage but didn't see what I was looking for. Maybe I missed and you can point me in the right direction.


      The problem with my laptop was one core was always doing 50 to 100% and the other was loafing according to performance monitor. Affinity says both cores used. So I get the new machine and only two cores doing 50 to 100% of the work, 4 are parked most of the time and others are loafing @ 5-10%. The only way to get them all working is realtime. That kicks them all into gear, but defeats the reason for having the i7 processor.


      Lo and behold I find that this PARKING is designed into Windows 7 and possibly Vista. I was looking forward to have a somewhat balanced cpu usage. I am pretty sure you guys have figured out how to shut off the parking business so there is a fairly balanced use of cpu's. I looked around on the internet and guys are doing all kinds of stuff. I don't want to screw up my desktop. My nephew is fairly computer literate and trys to help me. But windows 7 is a new ball game. I have never screwed around in the bios but if that is necessary we can get it figured out.


      I was originally goiing to ask some PE7 questions but this Parking irritates me more than not knowing stuff about PE7. Forgive me for the way I have written this stuff but I am not familiar with forum etiquette. Thanks for your help.


      P.S. I found this goofy thing on another post when you changed to this new forum about the mouse movement and cpu usage going up. True. If I spin my mouse around in an Adobe window the cpu usage goes up to 10-15% sometimes.

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          Possibly PRE does not need to use more than two cores of your processor. For Quad Core it takes up all the processing power it can when converting a video, see "Q: How much processing power does PRE7 need to convert a video?". Try converting a substantial video and see what happens to your processors.


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            Thanks for your suggestion. I read the other post you suggested and it seems Steve had the same frustration watching only 2 of the processors doing all the work. I dont think this is unique. Curious if XP has the same problem as Vista and Win 7.


            I did play around with some video. Not as intense as you guys I am sure but I am doing basic video. Get it in and out the other end as a DVD. But I tried something that maybe you could try with your Quad and see what happens. I deal mostly with SD mpeg (.mpg) from my Sony camcorder. I opened up a new project in PE7 and imported 20+ files and then inserted each one to the timelline as quick as I could so they would get backed up waiting to get on the timeline. I got all of the cores to kick in but the total cpu usage was only 50%.


            Also I have been converting old Disney movies from VHS through a Pyro AV Link 557. I like simple so I take the AVI and stuff it into Windows DVD Maker, one long 16 GB file or more. I select some text and push burn. Gives about 12 little motion memu buttons automatically. Process to start of DVD burn is 12-14 minutes. I burn them slow so I didn't count that time. I didn't do realtime but tried normal and high options. Didn't kick in all of the cores but the ones that did were parking in and out like crazy. I was not impressed with that. I would think once they kicked in they would stay in but not. Total CPU usage was still only 30-40% 


            I guess I will have to keep checking on the gamer sites. They seem to be working on the problem. World of Warcraft (WOW) has something built into the program if I read correctly where they can change the Processor Affinity Mask (CONFIG.wtf) but I have trouble following what they are talking about. I don't know if this can be found in Vista or Win7.


            Thanks for your response. My graphics card is a GF8400GS. It was supposed to come with EN8400. This one is better?

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              Mine is a quadcore Q6600 at 2.40Ghz. I added thirty six clips (a mixture of AVI, MOV, VOB files)  to my scene line - all four processors were used but only about 50%, even when conforming.


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                Thanks again for your quick response. You evidently are doing something pretty intense when you get 100% usage on all 4 cores. I guess for now nobody seems too exited about whether or not all cores are working at the same time even at lower cpu usage. I would like to have a fairly balanced load at all times. So I will keep checking in the forums to see if somebody comes up with something.


                I have some other questions probably for under a different post so to leave this one open for cpu usage (or not) however it plays out. I also have some settings for the Pyro AV link that always work with no gllitches in the capture if people are interested. I looked and looked for that info when I first got the unit but didn't see any info. I see where people are using them but all kinds of different settings. I ended up not using the settings the ADSTech "expert" gave me. I had lots of lockups to begin with. Exit the program and start over.                 Thanks again

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                  Head Spin,


                  It is usually a very good idea to do posts per subject matter, and use a good title, as you did here. This helps others locate posts that might be helpful to them later on. If you need to, say provide full system specs. in a new post, that were already included in a previous one, linking to that previous post can be very useful and save a bunch of typing.


                  For the Pyro A-D bridge, I would urge you to post your experiences with it, again to help others. You might want to visit Muvipix, as many subscribers to their Community (their fora), use it. There are many articles on the Pyro already, and there might be some tips in those. I've never used it, but if I were considering it, Muvipix would be my first stop.


                  Good luck,