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    Why is taking so long?

    xwisdom Level 1

      Hello Adobe,


      Why is it taking you so long to release AIR 2?


      I can't belive Microsoft is working on Silverlight 4 which includes most if not better features than AIR!


      You guys are taking way too long to implement features that developers had requested.


      Please do something to speed up the development process so that we can get features that we really need.


      Just my 2 cents.

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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6

          For perspective, here is the release history of Silverlight and Flex (can't really compare Silverlight and AIR, because it is more akin to Flex as a technology):


          1.0 Sept 5, 2007
          2.0 Oct 14, 2008
          3.0 July 9, 2009

          1.0 March 2004
          1.5 Oct 2004
          2.0 June 28, 2006
          3.0 Feb 25, 2008


          So Silverlight certainly has had more frequent releases, but my question (honestly just trying to solicit useful information, not to stir up the pot of partisianship) is this, how has Microsoft fared in terms of releasing substantial new features in Silverlight as compared to Adobe with Flex releases?


          Another question persons who have looked extensively at both technologies is, is Silverlight gaining on Flex / AIR?


          Just trying to help keep the discussion in some rational context.