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    CS3 - What Are the Best Export Settings for Animation?

    Thongrrrl14 Level 1

      I have edited a project in Premiere Pro CS3. It is animated, and I want to preserve as much of the quality of the animation as I can.


      What are the best possible settings that I can use to export the video to a .MOV file?



      A little background info, in case it helps:


      The animations were created in After Effects, and the .MOV files were made with the Animation codec.


      After editing in Premiere, I exported the finished file to the Animation codec. It looks so-so.


      Important: I imported the Premiere Project into After Effects, and exported the project with After Effects. The After Effects Quicktime file looks better than the Premiere version of the Quicktime file. (And has a higher data rate, in case that matters.)


      What kind of settings do I need to select in Premiere when I export the video to make the .MOV file look as good as it can?


      (And please don't be afraid to dumb it down.)