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    Linking Framesets


      I hope I can explain this so you all understand because I need some help! I am designing a website for my friends MMA gym. I am using framesets. I have a Left-Nested Top, a Banner at the top and on the left is the navigation bar I want to always be there throughout the whole website. For the pages for the fighters/coach I want to keep the Left-Nested Top frameset but add a frame to the right for the fighters name and brief stats like height weight ect. with a picture. But I only want it on the fighter pages. When I click on the homepage it keeps the right frame. How do I get the right frame just on those pages. I have tried changing the Target down at the bottom but one time I got duplicate frames at the top and left? It is weird it works ok if I go down the navigation bar through HOME, PRICES, then when I get to the Coach page and go back up it has the right frame... Any help would be appreciated thanks!

      I am using Dreamweaver MX