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    Captivate 3 and snap to fit makes application disappear


      I have Captivate3, Vista and it seems to exhibit a problem described in Tech Note 1ba0d5a0 for Captivate 2 and 1.

      "When you try to record an application, Adobe Captivate behaves unexpectedly. Any of the following symptoms might appear:

      The application becomes minimized unexpectedly.
      Recorded slides appear black in Adobe Captivate and in the output.
      Maximize and Minimize buttons are missing in Adobe Captivate.

      The solution is to rebuild a DAT file as described.

      To correct this problem, re-create your Adobe Captivate configuration file:

      Exit Adobe Captivate.
      Navigate to the following directory in Windows Explorer:
      For Macromedia Captivate: C:\Documents and Settings\[USER ACCOUNT]\Application Data\Macromedia\Captivate
      For Adobe Captivate 2: C:\Documents and Settings\[USER ACCOUNT]\Application Data\Adobe\Captivate
      Rename the file DAT file.
      Restart Adobe Captivate; Adobe Captivate will re-create your configuration file.

      However I cannot find this in Vista. Anyone know?

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          kiwikangaroo Level 1
          Hi all,

          I have done some more testing on this and the problem is when you use dual monitors.

          I created some recordings with the "snap to frame" on the other monitor. I then left captivate and logged out. Next day I went to another site and just had my single laptop monitor.

          When I tried to do a new recording, the snap to frame was not visible, and when using snap to, the apllication being recorded disappeared off the screen. It seems that Captivate leaves the snap to frame on the other monitor...even if you dont have another monitored attached.

          So it would seem if you use dual monitors, make sure you have the snap to frame on your main monitor when you exit Captivate.
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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Hi kiwikangaroo

            Thanks for posting that. I'm sure it will probably help someone else down the line. There is no such thing as too much good karma!

            For what it's worth, I've seen the same thing with applications as simple as Microsoft Sound Recorder.

            Cheers... Rick