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    User-managed image gallery in template-based html site?


      I've created a simple, template-based html/css site for a client and they've asked for a set of sales pages for their vans and cars.  The idea is that there'll be an entry page, which has an itemised list (thumbnail pic, title and a couple of sentences), which then links to individual template-based pages on which the full information is listed.


      So far I've given the client a copy of Macromedia Contribute.  No problems there.  However, it would be great to have a relatively simple image gallery which will display up to, say, 10 pix.


      The problem is that without a complex back-end CMS, I need to find a user-friendly (ie, not technical) gallery system which I can either embed into the template, or set up so it can be easily added to a page.


      Am I being overly optimistic here, or is there an option (ideally free, of course!) which someone can recommend?  My ideal is something that could be accessed and updated through Contribute, but if there's a standalone app which can do it once the page has been created in Contribute, that would be fine.


      Thanks in advance.