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    PE8 ATI Jumpy monitor screen

    Kevin j uk Level 1



      The moitor screen in edit mode Seems to be jumping frames with 10.1 & 10.2. I have tryed more than one set up XP and Windows 7 down loading the correct driver for both, the only driver that fixes it on XP is 8.561 but this does not work with 7.I have sent this to ATI on there feed back.


      My set up:


      ATI 4670HD 1GB

      Asus motherboard P5KL/EPU

      4 GB memory

      and for this test 400bg hard drive one and 160 GB hard drive two, both ATA 2 7200.

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          nealeh Level 5

          In the timeline is there a red bar across your footage? If so you need to render the timeline by pressing your enter key. If this doesn't work more information will be required to help you - see Announcement One: Got a problem? Here's how best to ask for help.


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            Kevin j uk Level 1

            Hi There is no bar for readering or any other bar at the bottom.


            This was posted in order to help any body with the same problem, as it is a driver problem can't see what els it could be as an older diver solves the problem.


            I spent some time typing out my computer spec, in word only to find I cant cut and past, may be ther should be as part of the fist log in, that computer spec be typed in a sheet then all the info could be looked at any time when some one post. That way it would save a loot time and frustration for thouse of you ohw are kind enought to help.