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    Accessing Metadata


      Does anyone know of a way of exporting metadata to file? I'm using Premiere to view clips, add scenes etc, and now need to collate the information to send to someone else to continue on with the edit (they're not using Premiere, can't gaurantee they can access metadata either)

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          I started using Premiere Pro 1

          .5 to make documentaries. One of the great things that it had is the logging of the scenes where I cuould put the description

          , itf it was ok, etc But I needed this information on an excel sheet so I could f

          liter it , read the compelte descritption if it had many lines, etc. The only way to view this information was on the left side wher you had all the data from that clip. But there was a free utility thta exported all this data, not only descrittion but all technical data to a HTML shee an from there to excel.


          I wondered always why Adobe didn´t make this feature for filmakers like me that want to use the "scene, shot" etc data which can be included in the CS4 version which is great, you can add the metadata very easily but I cannot use it outside Premiere and there is no way that I know where I can export thios data to excel or any other sreadsheet program.


          I hope there is a way.