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    cfpdformparam funny output-help


      hi all


      so far, i am having fun with the new great cfpdform tags. What I ma stuck on something that may look simple but it is not working:


      <cfpdformparam name="link_field" value="<a href='view.cfm?request_id=#request_id#'>#request_id#</a>">


      link_field is the name of the filed i have in the pdf file and the value is what I am passing which is an html link.


      When I open the pdf file in a browser, the filed "link_field" value shows as <a href='view.cfm?request_id=#request_id#'>#request_id#</a> and it is not like a link I can click on.


      what do I need to do here?


      thanks for any help,