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    Freeze Frame on it's own track

    Andy Post Level 1

      Hey Thrill Seekers,

      When I use the freeze frame fuction, It' taked a clip and inserts it into Video Track 1. Everything to the right of it get split and moved so I have to go back and move everthing back to where it was after dragging the new still image to an empty video track.  Is there a way to have PE8 just put the thing in an empty track so all the re-arranging doesn't happen?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          No, Andy, there is not. Sorry.

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            Andy Post Level 1

            DOH!  Is there a way to do it in Pro?  (looking for justification of an upgrade)

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              PrPro takes out some of the automation, that PrE provides. One can drag the "Freeze Frame" to any place, Track that the user wants.


              Now, there are a couple of ways to so a Freeze Frame. One is with Frame Hold, but I usually will Export a still Frame, and use that. In PrPro CS4, that process has changed a bit. In previous versions, when one Exported a Frame, they could choose whether to Include in Project, or not. In CS4, that little functionality has been removed. Now, one must navigate to the location of the Frame and then Import it into the Project.


              About half of the time, I do want the still in the Project, and the other half of the time, I am using it to create a Menu for Encore with Photoshop, so do not need it in the Project. I liked the ability to tell AME (Adobe Media Encoder) where to put it, and how to handle it. I have always felt that PrPro should have a "one button" approach to this simple function, though I am not a fan of "big button" programs. Were I writing PrPro, I'd have a simple icon for this, and a dialog screen (maybe in Edit Preferences) where one could make a one-time setup, so that the icon would then perform all of the functions. If one wanted to, they could set the default Still Export and that would hold, until changed again. However, Adobe has yet to call me...


              Good luck,



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                Andy Post Level 1

                I tried the Export of a frame and it did not work well at all.  I'm working

                in HD for a blue ray burn.  It exported in bitmap only and when I imported it

                came back all squished into a new aspect ratio.


                I've been doing a time lapse and some of the kids will walk up to the camera and take their group portrait.  I thought it would be fun to capture a frame and outline the kids then let the world run ahead behind them while they were frozen.  But they came back all mangled.  Poor kids.