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    RoboHelp 8 HTML/TOC Levels/Topic Names

    JGaf Level 1



      I'm a new user to Robohelp HTML 8.


      I have several HTML files (created in Homesite 5.5) that I have imported into Robohelp.  Headings are defined as <h1> <h2> and <h3>.


      I have two issues (so far) relating to TOCs that I have been unable to solve.


      1.  The name that displays in the TOC listing is the name of the link and not the name of the topic. For example, in <h1><a name="ovr">Overview</a></h1>, the TOC displays "ovr" when I want it to display "Overview".


      2.  Robohelp doesn't seem to recognize the differences between <h1>, <h2> and <h3>.  All headings are at the same level.  I have been unable to locate a screen or setting I can use to configure the TOC. Is there one?


      I realize that the files I am importing need a lot of tweaking for RoboHelp.  They were used differently, and right now, I'm just  trying to determine the scope of my nightmare :-)


      Thanks for your help!