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    Saving Datagrid content to SQL Lite database

    Pafonyo Level 1

      Hi can anyone please tell me how to save contents of a datagrid into an sql lite database. for clarity assume that the datagrid has three columns with the following data

      column one header="book name" content = " titles of books"

      column two header=" book description" content=" description of the books"

      column three header="listPrice" content=" prices of the listed books"


      The datagrid gets it content from an XML file with the following structure









      What i want is when a user clicks on a button, it executes a function that saves the datagrid content into the sqllite browser with the following structure


      bookID                index primary key auto incriment

      bookName           text

      bookDescription      text

      listprice           numeric



      Any help will be kindly appreciated. thanks!