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    viewing flash based website in HTML component of AIR APP


      Hello,  I've got an air app where I'm trying to use the Html component to load up a flash website.  Problem is that the website starts to load (I can see the preloader) and then the html component just goes blank.  I wrote the html page I'm trying to load so I went in and did some trimming of javascript stuff that I didn't really need that I thought might be causing the issue, but, no dice.  I'm also catch uncaughtScript errors from HTML, and there are none.  Anybody have any ideas?  The flash on the page that I'm loading only required flash player 8, so I'm thinking that shouldn't be an issue.  The page I'm trying to load is www.socialsaga.com/air_index.php


      Here is my little mxml file that won't properly display the site.


      <mx:Panel title="Video Storage" xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" enabled="true" visible="true" width="100%" height="650"> <mx:Script>      <![CDATA[           public function showDOM(ev:Event = null):void {                var indEv:Event = ev;           }                      public function uncaughtException(ev:Event = null):void {                var whatException:Event = ev;           }      ]]> </mx:Script>      <mx:HTML uncaughtScriptException="uncaughtException()" htmlDOMInitialize="showDOM()" width="100%" height="100%"  location="http://www.socialsaga.com/air_index.php" id="htmlOne"/> </mx:Panel>