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    Can't see Flex3 Container in AIR2 app

    olegkon Level 1



      This is probably a fairly basic question, but I started blending Flex3 & 4 code,

      and don't have much experience with writing my own Flex MXML components,

      so please bear with me.


      I am trying to move my AIR1.5 application into the Christophe Coentaets' embedded Tomcat AIR2 app as one of the Tabs:



      My old AIR1.5 App consisted of 1 MXML file with one screen (DataGrid), WebService, lots of AS3 code, total about 800 lines.

      There is also a Java Web service which I deploy on the embedded Tomcat.


      Since it's one screen, I would like to just put my app GUI on the tab of a final AIR2 app.

      So I removed Windowed app, tried to replace it with Component. FB4 gave me error saying that Component can't be here.

      Then I tried Container, and all code compiled.

      But when I try to run it, no Flex3 GUI shows up. I can see that it's initialized (Alert). Setting visible=true for that container didn't help.


      Am I doing something wrong ?  Should it be not Container but Component or something else like VBox?

      Here is a code snippet:


      Main app:

      <s:WindowedApplication xmlns:fx="http://ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009"




         title="AIR Application with Embedded Tomcat"

         height="600" width="800"



      <s:VerticalLayout paddingLeft="8" paddingRight="8" paddingBottom="8" paddingTop="8"/>

      </s:layout>   .....


      <mx:TabNavigator >

           <mx:VBox label="MyApp" paddingLeft="8" paddingRight="8" paddingBottom="8">

                <mx:HTML id="html" width="100%" height="100%"/>

                <local:AirXl7c visible="true" enabled="true"/>         






      my component:

      <mx:Container xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml"

      creationComplete="init()"  borderColor="#FCF9F9"






      Please help !


      Any doc describing how to blend Flex3 & 4 ?

      Or do I have to rewrite Flex3 into Flex4 code, not to blend it ?




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          John Hall Level 4

          Have you tried changing the halo namespace at the top to "mx" instead of "halo" at the end?

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            olegkon Level 1

            I changed my MXML component from Container to Canvas, that made my GUI visible.


            One other GUI problem I got is that

            when I change DataGrid data,

            in puts DataGrid on top of all other data fields

            thus coveringthem up.

            Setting   dataGrid.x=100   has no effect.


            That worked fine in Flex3 (DataGrid and other GUI components are in VBox),

            but broke while blending Flex4 with Flex3.


            In my component I have:









            So in main class it gets:







            Any advice ?

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              olegkon Level 1

              As I mentioned, when I reassingn a Datagrid's dataSource to a new collection (either populated from the data file or generated like rowCount, columnCount), it always places my DataGrid on top of other GUI components (top right corner).

              assigning   dataGrid.x=100 , dataGrid.bottom=10, dataGrid.verticalCenter=20  does not change anything, I think, because it is inside VBox.


              I checked what happened in pure Flex3 case, it was putting this DataGrid towards the bottom of the screen (even without any position-related assignments)


              So in Flex4 code I started putting that Component inside (Flex3) TabNavigator.

              That is the only difference I see.


              Any help is very appreciated !