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    Using Flex/PHP to Display MYSQL data and Images

    jimmyoneshot Level 1

      Does anyone have any good examples of using Flex 3 in conjunction with PHP to display data and images from a mysql database? I've searched a lot and it seems hard to find this combination. I have manged to create a login system using this which allows users to login via usernames and passwords that are stored in my mysql database (Grizzz helped me out a lot with this).


      But I now want to create a product selection in the site with the categories down the left hand side and the products related to these categories displayed in the other panel once each of these products are clicked. The guy I'm making it for wants to be able to add and delete categories as well as add and delete products so obviously it needs to be done using php and mysql. I'm looking for something similar to the way the online shop is laid out in the following example:-




      Thanks for any suggestions.