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    Converting SD Project to HD?

    John McQuiston

      I've searched forums and found nothing that discusses this but apologies anyway if the issue has been addressed.


      Several years ago I did a project in Premiere 6.0. I still have the project files, opened them in PPro 2.0 and they saved properly and work fine in SD.


      Is there a way I can convert the project files into HD? The project is a family history documentary and much of the "video" is actually high-resolution photographs, which are easily big enough to blow up to HD size (even 1080p) and I'd like to update the project, if possible, without re-editing the whole thing.


      I know I can create an HD project and nest the SD project within it and then re-size everything but because of motion, different image sizes and the SD video, I need to be able to control each individual clip or photo.