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    Layer Question


      Working with Illustrator 9.0.  Have an 8 letter logo with a 3D appearance.  Would like to "cover" the typeface of the first three letters with a map image.  For the first attempt, I would only want the typefaces to have the map graphic over them.  Perhaps the graphic can be 'wrapped' around the text.  Looking for guidance in each case.

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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

          Turn the Map into a symbol and say call it Map in the sybols panel.


          Now open the the three d effect from the appearance panel, you select the object with the three d effect and then double click the effect in the appearance panel.


          The three d effect dialog opens where it says Map Art you click to open up the map art section turn on preview and you then select the planes you want to map the art to.


          then you select the symbol from the symbol drop down.


          Now the lining up of the symbol is a little tricky and requires some judgment and visual skills, when satisfied click Ok.


          There is a more manual way if this does not work for you.

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            Kurt Gold Adobe Community Professional

            Probably this instruction will not work in AI 9.

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              dcacrobat Level 1

              Much thanks for your timely response.  I created the 3D type effect by copying identical text and arragning them one in front of the other.  The features suggested in the other reply do not exist in version 9.0.  If you have a proposed solution it would be appreciated.

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                Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                I see…OOps!


                In that case you will have to do it  manual way but you are not going to like this.


                It requires you to bring the art into photoshop and use Vanishing point.


                And I realize if you have Illustrator 9 then you probably have an older version of Photoshop


                Actually now that I think of it there is no realistic way of wrapping a map around three d letters since it is a continuos art on a flat surface once you cut it and fold it it is no longer continuous but since it has to accommodate the letters returns the continuum is broken it there fore can not realistically be mapped. You simply run out of info.


                So the best you can do is map the art to the face and fake the art on the returns.

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                  Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



                  There may be different solutions, possibly without Photoshop, depending on the desired appearance. An image/screenshot might help the helpers.