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    Scale Quality

    Marc Trzepla Level 1

      I'm using Premiere Pro CS4 (v4.2.1.0) on Windows Vista.


      I took an Anamorphic 1440 x 1080 HD Sequence and for delivery purposes put it in a 720 x 480 DV Sequence.  When I scaled the nested HD timeline down to fit the DV Sequence I was really unimpressed with the scale quality.  I checked - the Program Monitor was set to Highest Quality and it was at 100% viewing ... but even when I thought, "well maybe the preview is eh/so-so and the final Export is better..." and rendered out the DV Sequence, the rendered result looked exactly pixel-for-pixel the same as the crummy preview in the Program.


      It's like it's a half-way in between an aliased and antialiased scale.  Half Nearest Neighbor (to use a Photoshop term) and half say, Bicubic.  No, it's not an interlacing / progressive / lower fields / upper fields issue.  There is also no field doubling going on.


      But when I took the 1440 x 1080 HD Sequence, rendered it out full-size and rez'd in down to DV in AFTER EFFECTS the result was gorgeous.


      What gives?  Why can't Premiere Pro scale down with the same quality as After Effects?  I recall this being an issue a long time ago - has it REALLY not gone away?


      Is there a workaround or even a third-party Transform plugin to bypass the native PPro scale setting?





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          Jeff Bellune Level 5

          There are a couple of tutorials here that show you how to get good quality scaling from HD to SD.



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            Marc Trzepla Level 1



            Thank you for the tutorial.  I have not watched it all the way through yet though it looks promising.  I have to say, I laughed at the remarks about storage space.  My original solution was exporting HD from Premiere Pro and SD converting in After Effects - but I didn't have enough space ... so there I was, rendering a sequence in Premiere, converting in After Effects and once I converted a section I was DELETING the frames from Premiere Pro just to make room for the rest!  Needless to say I bought a new drive over the weekend.


            Thanks again.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              As you have found, the Scaling algorithms in PrPro are not the best around. Jeff's method is very good. Some others will use AE for the down-scaling, and some use other programs for the encoding/transcoding. This is probably one area that Adobe should be looking to improve on.


              Note: the same quality issues occur with over-sized still images and Scaling. For those, we recommend doing the resizing in Photoshop first, as the Scaling algorithms are better, and that program offers much more control on which one to use.


              Good luck, and enjoy Jeff's tutorials,