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    MX 2004 Crash on single file


      I have a very large java switch statement with many nested switch statments. 


      Went in to add a couple of more case statements and it saves.  Try to reopen file and get application error "The instruction at'' referenced memory '' The memory could not be "read"    in dreamweaver.exe or QuickTagEditorDropdown.


      Remove the new case statements and the file opens fine.  Add the case statements to another switch statment and it works fine.



      Try to open the file directly with file/open and get java error


      Exception thrown in native function



      Completly deleted and unistalled and reinstalled.


      Seems to be a memory size issue for a control or the autoformat/coloring


      Any ideas to a fix.


      I'm going to rewrite the large switch statement to see if that makes a difference.