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    calling an id in flex programmatically with actionscript

    BosDog Level 1

      hi... i have a question that will most likely be a simple syntax fix.

      in the past i've successfully been able to reference an id of a component and its properties via actionscript using a variable... so say for instance a textbox component has an id = 'txtBox_2'... i could refer to this textbox and its properties without strong typing and by using this in actionscript:




      public function test(useID):void{




      but i'm having trouble going deeper than that... say for instance i have a component inside of a component... in this case i'm trying to call 2 component levels down from my main.mxml file


      in main.mxml i have a component with an id of comp1


      in comp1 i have another component called comp2


      in comp2 i have function called loadData();


      i figured in main.mxml i could run that function by altering the code above like this:






      but i'm getting the error that flex can't find that ID. can someone help?