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    How to set the Date() timestamp to midnight?


      Hi guys,


           I'm probably completely brain-farting this but here goes...I need to pass a start date and end date range into my query...On page load, it's automatically set to today's date...I am defaulting to


           var startDate:Date = new Date();

           var endDate:Date = new Date();


           This sets up both with the current date time...no biggie...but since I need all the records for the day, I need the timestamps on both reset...the startDate set to 00:00:00 and the endDate set to 11:59:59.


           But how the heck do I do it?!?!  I can't just add to the time because a user can log in whenever... I've tried brute force setting the time like:


           endDate.hours = 11;

           endDate.minutes = 59;


           ...without luck.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!