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    Unload movie on a different timeline?


      Hello All,


      Hopefully this is a good enough description but here goes; I have a main SWF that loads in an external SWF(2) which has a button that when clicked loads in another external SWF(3). (we'll call them SWF 2 and 3) what I was finding was when I clicked the button on the external SWF (2), when SWF (3)  loaded in the contents of the main SWF and SWF (2) were still visible . However I managed to remove the contents of SWF(2) by doing unload movie easily as they run on the same timeline...the problem is I don't know how  to unload movie on the main SWF when SWF(3) is being fired because it doesn't run on the same timeline as the main SWF. Surely it is somehow accessible since it is visible in the background ...even if they aren't on the same timeline? how would i get the movie to unload in the main  SWF?


      Thank you!