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    Editing a post


      I have no idea where to post this, so I apologize if this is the worng place.  It really has nothing to do with Flash, but is just about the forums in general.


      I need to edit some older posts.  There's some links I posted over the years in my thread posts that reference a server at my company that I was using for development purposes.  Now my company is using the server for produciton stuff, and they don't want any references to that server in any of my (older) forum posts.


      What I don't understand is that some of my posts have "Edit" links in them and some of them don't.  Does anyone know why that would be, and how I can edit out URLs from all of the older posts that I need to?


      It gets even weirder because in some threads I'll have multiple posts - some will have the "Edit" link, and some won't.  All within the same thread!  Here's one as an example:




      Thanks for any help that can be offered!