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    Segmenting & dividing adjacent paths?


      Hello, I am trying to get the following image to have a rainbow of colors instead of just orange



      i have a feeling i need to break up the paths differently but i'm not sure the best way of doing this.


      basically the image is composed with the black frame and individual black border running down which are not connected to the black border


      here is an .AI file just in case that description is too confusing




      any help greatly appreciated!



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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

          First create swatches for the colors you want to use by either using a swatch library or the color panels mixer or the color picker.


          Once you have the colors made into swatches select all the art.


          then click on the Live Paint Bucket in the tools panel to turn the selected art into a Live Paint Group


          once it is a live paint group you can use the live paint bucket to fill any area with a color fill or pth with a colorstroke include and fill and stroke of none.


          Yu can expand the group if you want it permanent or keep it live.


          It will fill like this:


          Screen shot 2010-02-26 at 6.40.15 PM.png


          if you need to see a vidoe you can search the Adobe TV site or I will make one latter.

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            KM777 Level 1

            hi, i did everything up to the Live Paint Bucket thing, i created color swatches, but when i chose between them they just pain the whole thing that color rather than segments, i cant tell if i did something wrong, a video link would be great it anyone has one, thanks

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              Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

              This is not multiple choice instructions you have to follow the instructions and the instruction tell you to select the art and turn it into a Live Paint group by clicking on the Live paint Bucket tool while the art is selected.


              Then you can use the live paint bucket to fill the shapes with colors from the swatch panel and only then.


              Follow the instructions you will learn something that is a very handy tool and you will understand it better.