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    Adobe Reader 9 and Wacom Dig Sigs


      Hello all,


         First the background:  We have an HP EliteBook 2730p tablet pc with an integrated Wacom Digitizer (pen).  The OS is Windows Vista 32 bit Business edition SP2.  We are using Adobe Reader 9.3.  We have a requirement to digitally sign PDF documents using the Wacom.  The PDF files we are working with DO have the usage rights enabled for both filling fields and digitally signing (via LiveCycle Reader Extensions).


         Now for the specifics: we have a test PDF that has two digital signature fields on it.  When we click one of the signature fields it prompts us for which method we would like to sue to digitally sign the field.  The only option it presents to us is the Adobe Default Security - which in this case defaults to selecting a certificate on the machine.  There is no option for using the Wacom as the device or signing method.


           What are we missing?  Is there a software package we're missing to enable this type of functionality within Adobe Reader or does Reader provide this type of functionality for input devies like the Wacom intrinsically?  If additional software is required, would something like CIC's SignIt - http://www.cic.com/products/signit/ fit the bill?


      We really need to get something going here, any and all help is appreciated.



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          A bit late, but SigPDF by Signature Perfect is supporting Acrobat X and Adobe Reader X, also the Protected Mode of ARX, supporting classic PDF documents and forms, but also Interactive Forms by Adobe (LiveCycle Forms). Selective Signing possible, recommended for Enterprises


          Signature validation of SIGPDF signatures compatible down to A 8.1.2 and AR 8.1.2 for XFA (LiveCycle Forms) and down to A6 / AR6 for classic PDF docs / forms.


          Supporting TOPAZ 1x5 LCD pads, Signotec SIGMA / OMEGA pads, "Penabled" Tablet PCs with WACOM technology (Win XP, VISTA, Win 7).


          Actually already testing for A 11 / AR 11, because we are member of the Adobe Acrobat PreRelease program


          infos at www.signature-perfect.com


          BR, Rolf Schmoldt