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    Hard Drive Setup - Allocation Unit Size


      I'm adding on 2 one tb HDD's.


      when formatting i'm wondering what the performance gain and size loss would be of using 8192 bytes instead of the default(4096) allocation unit size.


      i've got 3 one tb HDD's and 4 tb of external storage now but i use a lot of space editing 4-10 hours of multi camera footage at a time and im terrible at cleaning up after myself, hah, so I'm not sure if i have enough overall space to dedicate each one for media, page file, etc... at least for now they will all be general purpose use


      any thoughts on the effects of using 8192 over 4096?



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          By your own admission, cleaning up is not one of your fortes. This probably means that there are a lot of preview files left on your disk as well and these tend to be rather small. Increasing the allocation units as you call them will create more slack space and result in wasted space, sucking up your disk space very quickly. I do not think you will gain anything, on the contrary, you will probably lose space and performance. If you look at your preview files, you will see a lot of XMP and MPGINDEX files that are all 4 KB max and by changing the allocation unit to 8 K most of these files will have between 75 and 50% slack space (not used for data but reserved) and you will run out of disk space much quicker. Personally I would not change the default NTFS allocation.

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