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    Pre E 8.01 patch - still crashing.





      I've just downloaded the 8.01 patch but unfortunate Pre E 8 still crashes when I open the Organize window. Here is what I do which produces a crashes every time:

      Launch Pre E8

      Click Organize on the Pre E8 startup screen.

      The Organize app starts to load and draws the Organize window populated with all the buttons etc, as if it has completed starting up and is ready to use.

      The Organize app then crashes within a couple of second (literally 1 or 2) and askes me to send an error report (which I did).

      I then have to got to Task Manager and end the ElementsAutoAnalyzer.exe process as it is maxing out the CPU.

      (BTW I’m running an ATI graphics card, P4 3G CPU, XP Pro, 3Gb RAM)


      Hope this helps for the next patch - please!!