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    Creating Splash Screen for Movie

    kmcnet Level 1

      Hello Everyone and thanks for your help in advance.  I am very new to Premier CS4 Pro.  I want to create a splash screen for a movie with a black bacground and some text effects (i.e. no pictures, movies, etc.).  I've looked through the tutorials and didn't see anything about how to do this.  I'm not exactly sure how to go about this or if I should be using another program (such as Illustrator) and import the image.  Would someone please give me some insight on what the best practice is to accomplish this?



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          If I follow you, what you are looking for is Play First in Adobe Encore. Sometimes, this is also referred to as the "FBI Warning." I do these in PrPro, and then Export (one can use Adobe Dynamic Link in CS4) and Import to Encore. In the Flowchart, I link to this as my Play First, and then link it to the Main Menu.


          Hope that this helps, and is what you want.


          Good luck,



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            kmcnet Level 1

            First os all thanks for the response.  Unfortunately, I am so new to this suite, your explanation lost me.  You are correct in that I am trying to create something like the FBI screen, or actually, something more like the Lynda.com splash screens that precede the tutorials or the "Learn How To" splash screens for the Adobe tutorials.  I realize there is interoperability within the suite, but haven't begun to explore that.  It sounds like you are building this initially in Premier Pro and then moving to Encore, but I'm not sure how to create this in Premier.


            Thanks again.

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              You create a video in PR, that you want to play, right? In exactly the same way you also create your splash. Then in Encore you set your splash as first play, then go to your menu, then play your video according to your menu choices.

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                kmcnet Level 1

                Thanks for the response.  I've figured out how to improt videos, etc., but haven't figured out (i.e. not bright enough!) to create another clip with background, text, etc.


                I appreciate the help and patience.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  When I am creating a Project, I use Sequences just like "chapters." By this I mean that each Sequence will be a unique Asset in Encore and will have its own Timeline in Encore.


                  For an Intro/Splash Screen, I will usually do this one first and just create this as a unique video, in its own Sequence. Then, I do the rest of the "chapters" as Sequences, and finish with a "The End" Sequence. Let's say that I end up with 8 Sequences, the Intro, six "chapters" and then The End.


                  With CS4, depending on a few variables, you can just use Adobe Dynamic Link (called ADL, or DL) to Import your Sequences with little user intervention. I use an older version of PrPro and Encore, so I do things the old-fashioned way: I will Export each of my 8 Sequences as elemental/elementary streams with one Video-only DV-AVI and one Audio-only, usually with AC3 DD 5.1 SS through the SurCode encoder plug-in. These are then Imported into Encore, with the Video-only DV-AVI as a Timeline and the Audio-only file as an Asset. I drag the Audio-only file from the Encore Project Panel to the appropriate Timeline.


                  Now, something to consider, and the main reason that I create my Intro first, is that Encore will write the Timelines to the DVD disc, in the order that they are Imported/Created in Encore. This is why I want my Intro into Encore first. It will not only be set to Play First, but I want it created first, so that it is in the first VOB, or the first VOB to contain actual video (one can create up to ~1GB of Menus and navigation - the max size of the VOB and it will be the first VOB in the stack). I want the sequence of my Sequences (say that three times fast) to be in order too, so that they are written to the DVD disc in sequential order, as this speeds up the player's search for them within the DVD-Video's structure - fewer pauses, while the player refocuses and moves the laser about.


                  In Encore, I now have my 8 Timelines, the Intro, the six "chapters" and the The End Timeline. In the Flowchart in Encore, I drag the Pickwhip (that little "spiral" icon) from my Disc icon to my Play First. I drag the Pickwhip from it to my Main Menu. Then, I complete any other navigation, like a Scene Selection Menu, and "Play All" Playlists, etc. If I do a Scene Selection Menu, I drag the Pickwhip from each Button to each of the "chapter" Timelines, and then from those to the The End Timeline. In the The End Timeline, I set the End Action to return to my Scene Selection Menu. In my Play All Playlist I set its End Action to usually return to my Main Menu, with the Scene Selection Menu's Button. Note: the End Action of a Playlist will override (not the same thing as Override in Encore - do not use those) the End Action of that last Timeline, The End.


                  Now, when the user puts the DVD-Video into the player, the first thing to come up will be my Play First Intro Timeline, when done, the Main Menu will come up and pause there for user intervention.


                  One last tip, when I am doing a Scene Selection Menu, I will rename my Button Layer Sets, to reflect which of my Timelines that Button will be linked to. This keeps me from having to remember that Button 1 goes to "Liz's Birthday." Note: there are necessary characters in those Button Layer Set's names. These necessary characters are the first ones in the Button Layer Set's name, and there will be a space after those, to "Button 1," etc. It is the name, after the space, that I change, leaving those necessary characters untouched.


                  Good luck, and hope that this helps. I still strongly recommend Jeff Bellune's great book, The Focal Easy Guide to Adobe EncoreDVD 2.0, Focal Press. Though written for EncoreDVD 2.0, everything in that book still applies through CS4, and he gives you a step-by-step guide to first creating a DVD Project, but tons of "tricks" that will allow one to create the illusion that they have done things that the DVD-specs. do not allow. The enhancements in CS4, like BD burning and ADL, are well-covered, in the Help files. That book will be invaluable.



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                    kmcnet Level 1

                    Once again, thanks for the response.    Its given me a lot of helpful information and I will get the book you suggested.  One last question.  If I understand you correctly, you create this splash screen in Encore and not in Premier.  Can you point me to a tutorial that shows how to do this?  Also, you mention DVD publication a lot in your post, however I am primarily targeting web.  Does this change the process?


                    Thanks again for all of your help.