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    createRootWindow and showing the URL

    seaneyefi Level 1

      I've a situation where I have an AIR application and I'm opening up windows which points to remote content.  This remote content prompts the user to enter login credentials. Is there any way I can use air.HTMLLoader.createRootWindow to show the URL I've just opened? As the AIR application is popping up this window, it'd be nice to show the user the URL so they understand that this window isn't some elaborate phishing attack.  Thanks  Sean

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          Dragos GEORGITA Adobe Employee



          You can read the .location property of the HTMLLoader instance returned by the createRootWindow function.

          However, you need to provide a way to display this url, as there is no builtin functionality that does this.



          Dragos Georgita | Adobe AIR Engineering

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            seaneyefi Level 1

            Hi Dragos,


            Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure figuring out my own way to display the URL is the best solution. As I'm trying to guard against users thinking that this new popup is some kind of phishing attack, I don't really want to spend time ensuring that the URL that I display looks _exactly_ like their browser's url bar (especially across platforms).


            Perhaps I could request this feature for a future release of Adobe AIR? I think the 2.0 beta version of Adobe AIR is pretty frozen at this stage, but perhaps I could ask for this feature in the next point release?