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    Support for Canon Vixia HF11?


      I can't believe PPCS4 doesn't support this camcorder.  I don't want to import into the m2ts with their supplied software and then have to convert to use it in PPCS4.  If I had known this, I wouldn't have bought the unsupported Canon.  Anyone have a suggestion for a supported Canon or Sony HD camcorder?



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          It is supported, but many find they need a new PC as well with much, much more power to be able to edit. Think at least i7-920, 6 Gb and at least 3 SATA disks. This is usually not told at the time of the sale, but get ready for a new PC. The salesman has one ready for you. Or are you using the trial version? Then it indeed is not supported.

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            shortfilmer22 Level 1

            Actually, on their own site for Premiere Pro CS4 they do not list this camcorder as supported.  Someone else also told me it wasn't supported.  BTW, I have 3TB of storage on a server, 4GB RAM and it should do just fine for what I'm doing.  I don't think I need to upgrade to an Alienware setup yet.  Thanks, anyway.

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Even have you had more than 10 TB  or even 50+ TB on the server, that does not help at all. It does not matter if you use fibre or iSCSi over teamed NIC's, your storage needs to be local and at least three physical 7200+ RPM disks at that. I have way over 10 TB on servers and NAS, but I can't edit off these. Also 4 GB RAM is about the absolute lower limit and much would be gained by at least doubling that amount.


              The compatibility lists on the Adobe site are always incomplete and far out-of-date, so that means nothing.


              If your http://ppbm4.com benchmark results are not less than 95-100 seconds, you will not have a pleasant editing experience with your material. Comfortable editing requires as a minimum less than around 65 seconds. I wonder what your results are. You can PM them to me.


              Why Alienware? That is not the most bang-for-the-buck system one can imagine, nor is it the best.