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    AVI Video Play Problems

    techronu Level 1

      I 'm a past user of Premiere Pro 2 and moved to Windows 7. A few days ago, I downloaded Premiere Pro CS4 Ver 4.0.0 (Try/Buy) and put together a quick project to test some of the features I'll need. I'm able to iimport and read all photos and AVI files EXCEPT the AVI files captured with my Canon camera. I cannot view it using PP CS4. Only the Poster frame (first frame) is displayed in the source monitor and NO motion. Audio plays correctly. I play in the timeline and same thing happens, only first frame is displayed in the program monitor along with the audio. Transitions between clips OK. The same AVI files play correctly in PPro 2. I imported other AVI files from other sources and they all play correctly. I'm stumped and need some help.


      I read a previous possting on this forum 2/24/2010 by Jonespnh and others. Posted here is the output from G-Spot


      G spot.PNG

      It appears that the Codec is installed. The project is NTSC.

      Hardware is HP Pavilion Desktop, intel Core i7-920 processor, 9GM mem, 640GB 7200 HD with a 1TB 7200 HD decated to PPro CS4, 1GB ATI Radeon HD 4650 graphic card. This system meets all PPro CS$ System Requirements. 


      I'm not that familiar with CS4 settings and there's not much support from Adobe for Try/Buy users. Most of the general settings are same PPro 2 but can't go back to verify anything because my older XP system with PPro 2 is history.


      Any help would be appreciated.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Your source material seems to be MJPEG. That requires either MainConcept or Morgan MJPEG codecs. Be aware that the trial does not support anything MPEG as is clearly stated on the Adobe website.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            With Motion JPEG (MJPEG), several have found that not all CODEC's are created equally. Some find that the Morgan is better, and some choose the MainConcept. You might want to give each a "spin."


            Now, I am not sure, but it seems that you have the "trial" version. If so, then NOTHING MPEG will Import, or Export. The trial version has everything MPEG disabled, including MP3 Audio.


            Good luck,




            PS - when you buy the full-paid version, you do get everything MPEG.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Oops, a phone call interruption allowed you to post ahead of me...


              At least the OP gets to hear the same thing from two fronts.


              To the OP - good luck,



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                Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Great job providing detail, and I think your question has been answered.


                One note about your comment on the Gspot results.  As did "jonesnph" in the other thread, you noted that "the codec is installed."  While a codec not being installed is going to be significant for other reasons, we are really not looking for a codec being installed, but what that codec is.  In this case, the fact that it is mjpeg is THE single most critical factor.  Even though the codec is installed, Premiere apparently can't use it.  This is not a simple analysis, as Premiere may use additional installed codecs in some cases, but only use its own codecs in others.  So you get the very frustating dilemma of a file playing just fine in a player, but not in Premiere.


                I am using CS3, and on one machine have the Morgan mjpeg codec installed, and on the other (my main editing PC) not.  However, while I have not installed any "codec packs," I have some other fairly well accepted programs, and the gspot list of codecs on the PC shows mjpeg codecs.  I believe this is the quartz.dll that Microsoft uses for numerous tasks in the directshow filters.  I can open an mjpeg file in Premiere, play, and edit it.  but it requires rendering to preview, even when I find the best options I can in desktop project settings.

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                  techronu Level 1

                  Thanks to Harm, Hunt and Stan for your quick responses. I need to absorb each one.


                  1).MJPG (Motion JPEG) codec is required to view this video clip correctly. This codec is available from Main Concept and Morgan,

                      I will take Morgan for a "spin" as suggested.

                  2) Trail version has everything MPEG disabled and will be enabled when I get the full version,

                  3) Single most critcal factor is what codec the clip uses.  


                  I must have missed on the Adobe website the statement that the Trial version does not support anything MPEG. Why would Adobe remove this from the  PPro Trail Version? I was under the assumption that trial is a full version for 30-days and converted to full version by just entering a valid license number.


                  One other note, why would these same MJPG AVI clips play in PPro 2? I did not add any codecs to the full version. I have about 6 projects that I used these AVI clips in and all worked.  Could it be that I started iwth a full blown version and all the MPEGs were enabled including MJPG? .


                  Again, thanks to each one of you. Fortunately, being a prior PPro owner, my cost to upgrade is resonable. I've invested too much learning time in this product to move to something else. I'll say this qestion is answered when I can confirm it works.   .

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                    Matt Petersen Level 3

                    I think the availability of MPEG in the Trial probably has something to do with licenses and rights. I suspect that Adobe probably have to pay the MPEG (Motion Picture Experts Group) a fee for each version of Premiere supporting it. MPEG may have told Adobe that they were'nt prepared to support trial installations.


                    Of course I'm just guessing (based on my experience in the bespoke software creation industry), but I'm pretty sure Adobe don't leave it out of the trial just to be mean.



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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      As Stanley points out, just having a CODEC properly installed is no guarantee that an NLE (Non Linear Editor) can edit with it. This ARTICLE will give you some more background.


                      Good luck,



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                        the_wine_snob Level 9
                        Why would Adobe remove this from the  PPro Trail Version? I was under the assumption that trial is a full version for 30-days and converted to full version by just entering a valid license number.


                        The MainConcept CODEC's for everything MPEG are disabled in the trial version, due to licensing issues with MainConcept. They insist that Adobe pay a royalty for these, and Adobe chose to not include them in the free trail version, because they would have to sign a check for each of those trials, whether the program was purchased later, or not. They ARE in the full-paid version. There is debate on this forum as to whether Adobe has made things really clear on the download page, or not. I will not jump into that debate, but will say that many have missed it and been surprised.


                        Now, if you DO go with the full-paid version, unlike upgrading from the trial of PrElements, where you just type in an unlock code, you MUST first uninstall the trial version. Then, you MUST run the Adobe Clean Script CS4 several times, re-booting after each run. Then, you will install the full-paid version, with your S/N and then Activate that copy of the program. These steps MUST be performed and in that order. It's simple, but each step and the order of those steps are VERY important.


                        Good luck,




                        PS - here is the full list of the limitations in the trial version, from the PrPro-Wiki. Note: the PrPro-Wiki is a great resource for most info, tutorials and FAQ's on PrPro CS4. I'd bookmark it, and always search there (and also here), when you encounter a question, or experience a problem. Most questions and problems are already covered there, or here.

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9



                          You are 100% correct. One puzzle, for me at least, is that the trial version of PrElements DOES contain the MainConcept CODEC's, BUT that trial puts a big banner on all Exported files, along the lines of "This Video Created in the Trail Version of Premiere Elements." Not sure why/how Adobe gets around the MainConcept CODEC issue there. Maybe it is that PrPro trial does NOT put a banner on the Exported files? Also, upgrading to the full-paid versions of those two programs is very different. In PrE, one just goes to Help>Register (or similar syntax) and types in a S/N to unlock. Then, for any Projects created in the trial, there are a few more steps to "remove" the banner on Export. Note: if one has already Exported from the PrE trial, that banner will be there, and cannot be removed. That's enough on PrE for the PrPro forum, but there is a FAQ on the PrE forum, that will give all the steps and their order, should one need that info.


                          Good luck,



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                            techronu Level 1

                            Thanks Hunt and Matt. This is beginning to make a whole lot of sense.  I just wish some type of warning had been clearly stated on the Trial Version download. It would have saved me from wasting your time. But on pro side, I've picked up some valuable information from all of you. And thanks Hunt for the interesting discussions on codecs.  Very valuable stuff to include in my files.