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    How to copy and paste properties?

    Crispin B

      Hi folks, really loving Flash Catalyst but wondered if there was a way to copy and paste attributes easily to an object [or set of] objects?


      For example, in the screen shot below you can see I've got 3 buttons and each will have a custom tranisition on mouse-over to make a nice visual cue to the user (the button will glow - one of the super built-in filters of course!).




      Now, instead of manually having to set the right glow amount on each button (I will have about 6 of them or so on the page) I'd like to "pick up" that property and paste it into the other buttons ... ideally all in one go at the same button-over state .. but if that's not possible, just being able to suck-up and paste properties one-by-one would be a big help!


      Without this, things get a little reptitive ... and more annoyingly, it's easy to miss achievig the same look & feel over a collection of objects on the page. (eg.I also filter the buttons to opaque when the mouse is not over them and want to set the exact same opaque value for each button in turn at that state, rather than having to edit each one individually)


      Thanks for your time .. and apologies if I've stupidly missed an obvious technique to solve this task !!

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          Bear Travis Adobe Employee

          Hello Crispin,


          I'm definitely with you on the pain of making multiple tweaks just to make everything look the same. We do not currently have a way of copying properties, but if you have an idea for how you'd think it might work, we'd love to hear from you at:




          where we are collecting ideas for future directions for Catalyst.


          For now, I would suggest trying to factor similar portions into components as much as possible. For example, perhaps you could create an empty button with all of the effects you want (like the glow, sizing, etc), and then just create a component where that button is above the text and image for a specific button. That way, when you change the appearance of your single button component definition, the appearance will change for all of your buttons. If you got really carried away, you could even create a custom component where each of the states is a different image / text pair, and just set the state of that component for each instance on the artboard.