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    Hope is on the horizon~elements 8 crashes

    howardmil18 Level 1

      Well either through chance or a system configuration change, I HAVE NOT HAD A CRASH IN 2 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . I am far from a

      pc tech expert, but I read alot and came across an article on "Speeding up computer' . 6 subjects were covered; 2 of which I applied.

      Since then, NO CRASHES! Now whether this is coincidence or not,,,I don't care. I lost the google article,,but I remember these things I

      did which may have influenced the writing of this letter. I first changed the setting on my windows 7 to RECOMENDED amount of RAM vs.

      what was put on my system by default . This was on system preferences. The most important, again I do not remember what or where I went

      to, (comp experts may understand and get the drift) but I CHANGED a setting on my system set at 0  to  400. Darn, I could not relocate the

      article, but THIS so far,,,,,,,,,is letting Adobe 8 do what Adobe 7 elements did. It was simple enough though I probably sound dumb not knowing

      exactly or remembering WHAT this SYSTEM number custome setting WAS???? If any experts know,,,I want to try to remember,,,. Not only

      that , it made my 2 hardrive 6gb ram system work better and a bit faster,,,,INDEED.  All I know is,,,,(hope I don't put the jinx on myself) Premeiere

      Elements 8 SO FAR in 2 DAYS,,,,has not crashed and is saving better and doing everything ELEMENTS 7 did and maybe a bit better in terms

      of some easier and nicer features than elements 7. RESPONSES TO THIS ARE ENCOURAGED

      Thanks Howard

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          So are you saying that all you did was configure Windows to give Premiere Elements 8 more RAM space -- similarly to the recommendation in the FAQs to the right of this forum?



          It's hard to say exactly what will and won't work, since you are using this program on Windwows 7 64-bit, an operating system whose drivers are not yet fully 32-bit compatible.

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            howardmil18 Level 1

            The most important thing I did was to adjust a feature on my system (I will look for the article) which was an advanced

            setting perference for windows. It was defaulted at 0 and they said change it to 400. Now its coming back;;;; it was something to do with

            how long windows stores information for loading the system. As far as the RAM, my system  has 6gb (or a number of mb) showing

            on the profile setting. It said recomended setting to be like 2650 mb. (a certain amount naturally wasnt being used) I changed the

            number to that higher setting allowed within the amount of RAM the system has,,,,(evidently my windows 7 setting was set as less)

            and that also might have done the trick. So for whatever this advanced preference was on memory,,it was set at a WINDOWS default

            which was less than was available. What is important is that I DO nOT remember what this system preference was. but I will try to google

            the article again and get back


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              nealeh Level 5

              Was it this?



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                howardmil18 Level 1

                Thats what did it~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!   INSANE? WELL PREMIERE 8 HAS


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