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    Aligning text to a video insert


      I am using Elements 8.0 and just loaded the latest patch.

      I have a video I am editing that requires a 60 second timer countdown - a small AVI video - that I put in the top right corner on top of the primary AVCHD video.  This is working fine.  I also have some text I’d like to have inserted directly to the left of this counter.

      However, when I enter this text as a title, align this text in front of the AVI video, despite being completely aligned and within the safe margins on the screen, when I burn a file to AVI or WMV to view it, the two items are completely misaligned.  I have tried several resizing, moving but nothing seems to work.

      How can I best ensure the alignment of text and this second video layer?


      I’m running Vista 32, have setup an eternal drive with plenty of space for the scratch files, have plenty of open space locally, have only 3GB of RAM, but have limited my video editing to small chunks to avoid the frequent crashes I used to deal with (I am creating many AVIs to pull together into a full master video).  The underlying video is AVCHD, and I know that is not the preferred choice of editing within Elements 8, but everything is working fine except this alignment.


      My next steps would be to try creating just this timer and text as its own video and then embed it already combined, but that is simply avoiding the issue and could be a big waste of time for future efforts.


      Are there any suggestions out there?  I can provide more details if it will help debug, but I'm also just wondering if anyone else has had any alignment problems.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          For alignment, I use a Grid, created in PS. You can download a couple in this ARTICLE.


          Before I added the Alignment Grid (remember to Delete, prior to Export/Share, or it will be embedded), I would first Render your count-down timer, and the underlying Video (probably on Video Track 1), then Import the Alignment Grid, and construct your Title. Remove the Grid, and then Render again to check that things are still where you want them.


          Good luck,



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            With_a_Twist Level 1

            I gave this a try, rendered both videos, applied the grid, rendered again, removed the grid, and exported, with the same result.  Not sure if this is also causing issues, but on the text/title that I’m creating, I have also drawn a white solid rectangle as a background for the title.  Again, everything looks great on the display when in Elements, but the exported video is completely misaligned.

            Do you have any other suggestions – has anyone else run into this issue? 

            By the way, thanks for the grid, while not solving this problem, I’m sure it will come in handy.


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              With_a_Twist Level 1

              On analyzing this more closely, it appears the text/title stays where it should, but the video insert (the count down) actually has moved up.  I tried putting both items in the middle of the screen, but this movement of the video insert continues.  Is there a way to lock that video into place?

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                What is the video codec of this "timer" video?


                You can find out by opening it in Windows Media Player, going to the File menu and opening Properties.


                If it's behaving so oddly, it could well be an incompatible codec. Or it could be that you're trying to use an AVCHD and an AVI in the same project -- which won't likely go.

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                  With_a_Twist Level 1

                  Hi Steve,

                  It looks like the countdown video codec is "MainConcept (Adobe2) MPEG-4 Video Decoder". 


                  Do you have a suggestion about how to convert this video and to what format if it doesn't work with AVCHD?  IF I have AVCHD, what additional format would work well, or am I stuck converting all my AVCHD video?  I do this down conversion of the AVCHD in some cases when I'm doing heavy editing (transitions, lots of video/audio manipulation), but in this case, I'm doing very few extras other than laying this on top of the AVCHD video.


                  I have several of the video conversion software suggested hear on the forum, but am still trying to understand which of the formats are the best and most compatible.  I thought always trying to get the video into DV-AVI was the goal.



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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    I assume that this is not a project for BluRay disc -- so the easiest solution is to convert both the AVCHD video and the timer video (which is at the source of your problem) to standard definition DV-AVI and then mix them together.


                    The AVCHD video you can convert right in Premiere Elements. Open a new project, make sure it's set up for AVCHD and then import your video into it. Then go to to Share/Personal Computer/AVI and export your video as a DV-AVI.


                    The best program for converting that timer video to a DV-AVI is Quicktime Pro -- but it costs $29. If you've got an existing program, you can use it to convert the file to DV-AVI. But be sure it's an AVI that uses the DV codec. Not any old AVI will do.


                    We've also got a list of converters in the FAQs to the right of this forum.



                    Then open a new Premiere Elements project and change its settings to DV. You should then be able to import both of your DV-AVIs into it and they'll behave as they should.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      If the MPEG-4 is moving about, it is very likely a mis-match with the Frame-size, and/or the PAR. These should match your Project's Preset perfectly.


                      The first thing that I would look into would be to use Interpret Footage on the "timer," and set things to match your Project Preset (the AVCHD settings) exactly. If this does not change things to perform correctly, then I would look at converting the MPEG-4 to the Frame-size, Frame Rate, and PAR of your source footage, outside of PrE.


                      Also, for the MPEG-4, you should not have Scale to Frame Size checked, as PrE will try to Scale it to match the Preset.


                      Good luck,



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                        With_a_Twist Level 1

                        While still not completely aligned, I found my problem was a simple matter of saving the output as the default AVI type (Standard) instead of the Widescreen type which I had defined the movie as.  Simple mistake, that cost a lot of time.  Thanks for all the help and advice, it definitely led me to the answer!

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          Wow, I had not thought of the Pixel Aspect Ratio aspect. Thank you for reporting, and good luck,