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    Help packaging into single file

      Ok, I have my help files done, but I can't figure out how to package the entire group of files as one standalone help file. I feel like I am missing the obvious here.

      thx in advance
        • 1. Help packaging into single file
          Ben Minson Level 2
          That depends on the single source layout you choose. If you have chosen WebHelp or FlashHelp, you get a number of files that all have to reside in the output directory for the help system to open and display properly, plus some subfolders. If you generate a Microsoft HTML Help output, you get a standalone .chm file.

          If generating an output is the step you are missing, expand the Single Source Layouts folder in RoboHelp's left pane, double-click on the layout you want, and complete the dialog.

          Hope this helps!