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    Copy a DVD?


      I've got some DVD's that I burned from my DV camera to a Sony DVD recorder.  Will premier allow me to make a copy of these, provided my computer has both a DVD player and separate burner?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Premiere is not a copy program... use the FREE http://www.imgburn.com/

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            nealeh Level 5

            Yes, but because they will have been compressed to fit a DVD they will probably not be as sharp as the original DV files. Does your DVD Recorder provide alternate file formats in its copy feature (if so, what are they)?


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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              If the OP means two separate burners, or a physical player and a burner, then I strongly second John T's recommendation for ImgBurn, the great little free burning utility. It makes it very simple - put the DVD into the player/burner, launch ImgBurn and choose Copy Disc, pointing it to the other burner.


              Tip: use Verbatim, or Taiyo Yuden blank media, and choose a slower burn rate, than the max. ImgBurn will allow this. I usually go between 2x and 4x, as my max, and 2.4x for any DL (DVD-9) disc.


              If one only has one player/burner, then the DVD will be copied to the HDD, and then the user just removes that source disc from the burner at the prompt and replaces it with blank media. This works fine, but there are two operations, so it will take longer. The tips above still apply.


              Since this is a byte-for-byte copy, the quality of that copy will be the same as from the original. If one is doing any editing in between, then the quality will suffer.


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