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    I have a couple questions exporting from Fireworks to DW


      These questions might be more appropriate on the Fireworks Forum but I want to start here because my end results are Dreamweaver realated I think.

      I have made some horizontal navigation buttons in Fireworks and they are all placed on one canvas in Fireworks. Each button has a rollover effect and some buttons also have a drop down menu. Here is a screen shot in Fireworks:




      Also here is a screenshot on how I'm exporting:




      Then in Dreamweaver I go to insert Fireworks HTML and everything seems to work so far. I'm inserting the HTM file in a AP DIV container rather then a table.

      One question I have is that I need to know how I can make a change in Dreamweaver to one of the buttons (let's say I want to change a link on a button) and have that reflect on all pages. I have read that I can do this in DW and that the changes reflects in my Fireworks file and vise versa but I'm not having luck with this. I think I'm missing a step.


      Once I figure this out I have 70 webpages already built that I want to insert these new buttons I just made. What would be the most efficient way to do this? My first thought would be to copy the AP DIV and its contents of the buttons and effects and open each page and paste the AP DIV in. I have never had luck copying a AP DIV to another page however. Possibly I need to look at building a template of just the buttons but I'm not sure how that works.

      My biggest fear is that I finally get all these buttons insertet into the 70 pages and realize I need to make a change to a button and it won't reflect in all 70 pages.


      Thanks for any help on this.