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    Link error message

    jay fresno Level 2

      Trying to add a Captivate SWF movie to RoboHelp, and added it to the Baggage files, and then created a link for it, choosing either Display in New Window or the Default option. this is the same procedure I've done with other Captivate SWFs, without problems. With one particular SWF, the following error message appears:


      "This action will create an external link to the help system. The link may not function when the help system is moved to other systems. Create the link anyway?"


      I found another post with a similar problem at:


      That message was posted nearly a year ago, and there were no replied to it.


      If anyone has a suggestion/comment that might shed light and help solve this, would greatly appreciate hearing from you!

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Jay


          Any time you see a message like that it means you need to investigate further to discover why it's appearing.


          It can mean a few different things. Exactly what will depend on how the link is appearing. So look at the link and see what it says.


          With this, it's all about relationships. The relationship of what you are linking to with respect to where it exists in relation to the help system. Obviously, RoboHelp is sensing that things are amiss here.


          Go ahead and create the link, then look at the code.


          If you see something like ../../../FileName.HTM, RoboHelp is attempting to calculate the relative path to the file and it's a folder level or so above where the actual project is. Depending on the way you have structured the files on your server, this may be totally fine or it may mean disaster. Only analysis will tell.


          If the link looks like this:



          It means that you are creating an ABSOLUTE link. In that case, things would only work if every PC that presents the WebHelp also has a file://C:/SomeFolder/SomeOtherFolder/FileName.EXT structure and file.


          Cheers... Rick



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