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    Last Scene Repeated??


      I am new to Elements 8, but was this program put through any quality assurance?


      I tried running it under Windows 7, crash, crash, crash

      I tried it under Vista, crash, crash, crash

      Now running it under XP, and it's only crashed a few times


      Now that I've actually been able to create a project, I find the very last scene get's repeated on the DVD.. what the hell???


      I moved the cursor to the very end of the timeline, press play, I see the scene end... it's showing nothing on the timeline; but to my surprise, it's still "playing", and suddenly 30 seconds later or so, it's playing the last scene again!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I have no idea what you're doing or how your systems are maintained, but you should not by any means be having this much trouble -- especially if you've applied the program update.


          It could have something to do with your computer(s). It could have something to do with the source for your video. (What kind of camcorder did it come from anyway?) But nothing explains why a scene is duplicated on your DVD. That is very unlikely related to how the program functions!

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Back on the Timeline, hit the \ (Backslash key), and look carefully at the Clips. Is there a Clip, out beyond where you want the Timeline to end. This can happen, due to all sorts of editing  actions, and is usually NOT what the user will want. One can also press the End key to move the CTI to the very end of the Timeline, and from there, step back with the PageDn key, checking to see if a Clip has been repeated, out beyond where you want it/


            Good luck,



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              Cowboy!!! Level 1



              The source of the video is from an uncopy-protected DVD, a DVD which does not have the duplicated scene.


              The original DVD was just one large continuous video with no scenes.  I wanted to remove a portion of the video and add scene markers and a menu.

              I simply broke it into scenes and labeled them, and removed the unwanted section.


              Watching the video through the preview, it works as expected, however, when the DVD is actually burned, the duplicate scene shows up.


              So Steve, perhaps you can explain to me how this is  "Unlikely related to how the program functions" ?


              As for how my machines are maintained; Not only am a computer programmer and an IT expert, but I am the President of my own software company.  I assure you my systems are clean and extremely well maintained, and when I release software is goes through a QA process.



              Additional information:


              Three different computers I've tried this application on:


              1) Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit, with 3 G RAM, Pentium Dual Core T4200 @ 2 GHz, Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset.  Frequent Crashes


              2) Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit, with 2 G RAM, AMD Operton @ 2 GHz, NVideo GForce 4. Frequent Crashes


              3) Windows XP Pro 32-bit, with 3 G RAM, AMD Dual Core Processor 4400+ 2.30GHz, ATI Radeon X1200 Series. Seldom crashes.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                What did the look at the Timeline reveal? Is there a Clip out towards the end, beyond where you thought that the Timeline should end?


                When played from the DVD, is this duplicate Clip immediately adjacent to the original version of it? Is there any black video, or a Transition between them?


                When one is editing GOP source material, like MPEG, there can be issues, as the material must be converted to I-frame to be edited at a Frame-level. It is common for editing programs, that rely on non-GOP/I-frame editing to easily get confused, when it must internally convert to I-frame. I have seen Frames from very early on in an MPEG-2 show up again, quite far down the line, though do not encountering an entire scene materializing.


                Also, remember that there is another MPEG-2 compression and Transcoding required to get your Timeline onto a DVD. Sometimes, odd things can happen with this second Transcoding operation.


                How did you rip and Import the MPEG-2 material? Was it just a direct Import of the VOB, or was another program/process involved?


                For some background on GOP, this ARTICLE might prove useful.


                Good luck,



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                  Cowboy!!! Level 1

                  Thank you for these excellent investigative questions, Bill.


                  > Is there a Clip out towards the end, beyond where you thought that the Timeline should end?

                  There is no video, but as you can see circuled in red, there's *something* at the end -- which I can't remove, and this is where the scene repeats.

                  I moved the grey triangle to the end of the scene, but didn't make any difference (pic 2).

                  What does the red line represent?

                  After I installed the latest update, if I put the cursor in the middle of this red line, images from the repeated scene show up.

                  How do I delete this area?



                  If I put the cursor beyond the end of the last scene and press play, the repeated scene shows up. Right clicking on the Blue highlighted box only shows greyed out options.


                  >When played from the DVD, is this duplicate Clip immediately adjacent to  the original version of it? Is there any black video, or a Transition  between them?

                  I didn't use any transitions.  The duplicate clip begins black and then shows up some 30 seconds or so later.As mentioned above the last "scene" (highlighted in blue) can't be removed.  Is there a way to remove this block??


                  >How did you rip and Import the MPEG-2 material?

                  I used Organize->Get Media->DVD , option to import the media










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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Going up to your first and second screen-caps, when you use the scroll bar to the right of the GUI, to expose all Video Tracks, what is on any of those, out where that red line appears. That indicates that something there needs to be Rendered for smooth playback. Unfortunately, we're looking at the Timeline down at the bottom - the Narration and the Soundtrack Audio Tracks.


                    When looking for "orphaned" Frames, or Clips, I like to hit the End key and then step backward with the PageUp key, watching the CTI (the Current Time Indicator) and watching the Program Monitor.


                    When one is editing with the Snap functions on (most people use it, when moving Clips, and it works well), it is possible to move a Clip too hard against what is intended to be the Adjacent Clip, but if the movement is too strong, and the Head of the Clip being moved crosses over the Tail of the Clip that it was intended to butt up to, then Frames are "sheared off," and moved to the end of the Timeline. Then, as we tighten up things, a Clip at a time, those "orphaned" Frames, or Clip "pieces," are left out beyond where we might look. That was why I recommended the \ (Backslash) key, to view the entire Timeline zoomed out. Now, in that state, it's often very hard to see what is out there, so one does need to then move the CTI to that area and zoom in to tell what's lurking beyond where we think the Timeline should end.


                    Some folk have gotten many minutes of black, followed by flash Frames, on the DVD, because it will write the entire Timeline to disc.


                    Good luck,



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                      Cowboy!!! Level 1

                      Bill, you're the best!


                      Sure enough, in video track 4 was a missing scene.  Direct from import, it seems that video 1 AND video 4 are filled, so after removing the section I didn't want, by coincidence, it appeared like the last scene was being repeated.


                      I tried importing from a blank project -- same thing happened.  Both tracks are filled.


                      So now that I know how to fix it -- anyone know why the video was imported into two tracks???

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        First, glad that we found that orphan. They can take many shapes, and some of those little 1-Frame orphans can be really tough to even see.


                        Now, is there a duplication of this "master Clip" in your Project Panel? There should not be.


                        My only guess would be that with the Tracks scrolled, you accidentally dragged the Clip to two different Tracks, and just did not realize it. This could have been by dragging it initially, and having it land on Video Track 4 (though I think that PrE really wants all Clips to go to Video Track 1 and will work to get them there), and then, when you did not see it, assumed that it had not gone to the Timeline and repeated.


                        There could be other explanations, but cannot think of any right now. If you, or someone else can shed light on that, I'd be very interested to learn.


                        One of the things that I love about PrPro is that it's Audio & Video Tracks are arranged differently, than in PrE - Video is ALL in the upper section, and Audio is ALL in the lower. Yes, a Clips' Video and Audio will possibly be separated (some like the PrE scheme better and fight PrPro to get that look), but one can easily look at just the Video - all of the Video, one Track above the previous. When working in the Timeline, I usually diminish the Program Monitor, and other Panels (in PrPro, I have most Panels on my second monitor), so that I can expand my Timeline vertically, and see more, if not all, of it.


                        Good luck,



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                          nealeh Level 5

                          PRE can be set to display only video or only audio tracks which comes in handy. Note that Audio 1, Narration, and Soundtrack are not hidden, but as they are all at the bottom this is not too important.






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